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A social graduate is a legal and economic advisor in socio-labour and business matters. Expert in labour relations, labour and business economics, human resources and work organisation, as well as in the prevention of occupational hazards. Expert in the social branch of law. This is one of the three legal professions in Spain, together with that of lawyer and solicitor, authorised to intervene in legal proceedings in the area of labour and social security law.


Functions in relation to business economics. In particular, economists may perform the following functions.


The professional practice includes all functions conducive to the governance and conservation of the assets entrusted, obtaining the appropriate yield and advising on matters relating to the immovable property. In the performance of these functions, the Administrator is empowered to carry out all necessary acts of administration and management, in compliance with the applicable legal regulations, custom and prudence, with no other limitations than those expressly received from the owner of the assets and those attributed exclusively to other professions.

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